Everyday Small Animal Feeds

Rabbit 17% Pellet
Our 17% Rabbit pellet contains chelated trace minerals to help enhance your rabbit’s immune system. Our fixed formulation ensures consistent, high-quality pellets from bag to bag. This prevents sudden changes in the diet and improves digestive health and function. Folic Acid is very essential and important for good efficiency of production and reproduction in rabbits.
17% Protein, 3% Fat & 17% Fiber Max

Rabbit 17% Pellet w/Lacto-Sacc
Our 17% Rabbit pellet with added Lacto-Sacc probiotics provides bacteria that are compatible with the gastro-intestinal environmental conditions of the rabbit which helps in reproduction and aids digestion. This product also contains chelated trace minerals and folic acid to help enhance your rabbit’s immune system and reproduction.
17% Protein, 3% Fat & 17% Fiber

Guinea Pig Pellet
Guinea Pig Pellets fortified with added Vitamin C provides Guinea Pigs with a nutritionally sound diet. The pellets contain chelated trace minerals for increased bio-availability of zinc, copper, and manganese for stabilizing the digestive tract.
19% Protein, 3.25% Fat & 16% Fiber Max

Pet Foods

We carry a complete line of Holistic and Premium Pet Foods; including the following brands:

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Caged Bird & Pigeon Feeds:

Specialty breeder caged bird mixes by the Baden Feed & Supply Company along with their Premium Pigeon mixes.

Wild Bird Feeding:

We offer custom premium and choice wild bird seed mixes and a variety of sunflower seeds, a huge selection of suet cakes, and a great assortment of wild bird and hummingbird feeders!  Join our Frequent Buyer Bird Feeding Program….ask for your punch card and watch the savings add up!

Our retail store is chocked full of PET FOODS, SUPPLIES, REMEDIES, AND TREATS for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other small animals!