CHICK DAYS 2023 Cover Sheet w/pricing (Download pdf) Located in front of our mill is our retail store where you will find everything you need for the seasons for your lawn, garden, and home.


Lawn and Garden:

We carry a variety of premium bark mulches*, professional and organic fertilizers as well as professional grass seed mixes, planting loam*, organic soils and compost, and crushed stone*.  We also stock vegetable and flower seeds in small and large packages, seed potatoes (10 varieties), onion sets and a complete line of organic and chemical bug & pest control.

*Delivery available Spring – Fall

Wholesale pricing available for professional landscapers on grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, & loam.  Please inquire at the store.


4-Step Lawn Care Program Brochure:

5,000 sq. ft.

15,000 sq. ft.

Home Heating Products:

Our customers rave about our super premium selection of softwood (LG) & hardwood (Logik-e Hard Wood) burning pellets.   We also offer clean-burning anthracite coal in rice, pea, nut, and stove sizes by the 50lb bag or by the ton and compressed burning Logik-e Blocks  & Logs.  All of these home heating items can be purchased by the bag/pack or by the ton/pallet at discounted prices.  We also offer an early order delivery program which starts in late summer.  Deliveries are made August-November typically on Saturdays.


Ice Melt:

With a variety of ice melt products, including; MAG (Magnesium Chloride) Pellets, Urea, Halite Rock Salt, and Pestell PAW THAW we are sure to have the right product for your specific ice melt needs.


DryShod, “the world’s most wearable rubber boot” is the brand we stand behind!  They offer great shoe and boot styles for men, women, and children for around the garden, stable, and in the mud and muck! Superior warmth and 100% waterproof, top to bottom!

Caged and Wild Bird & Pigeon Feeds:

Specialty breeder caged bird mixes by the Baden Feed & Supply Company along with their Premium Pigeon mixes. We offer custom premium and choice wild bird seed mixes and a variety of sunflower seeds, a huge selection of suet products and a great assortment of wild bird and hummingbird feeders!  Join our Frequent Buyer Bird Feeding Program….ask for your punch card next time you’re in the store and see the savings add up!