With over 90 years of experience manufacturing livestock, equine, poultry and swine feeds, Ventura Grain has the expertise and integrity to ensure a consistent, fresh & quality ration every time.

Our ingredients are purchased from a select group of approved suppliers to ensure the quality of our feeds. Ingredients are tested for quality and if they do not meet our standards, the load is rejected.

All of our bagged feeds can be purchased in our retail store. Located in front of the mill, our retail store carries a great selection of supplies including; fresh feed quality hay, horse bedding, shavings, straw, wormers, supplements, treats, and buckets, everything you need for the farm and stable!

Everyday Equine Feeds


Formula 1100 Horse Pellet
Designed to meet the needs of active mature pleasure horses for regular riding, the easy keeper horse and miniature horses.
11% Protein, 3% Fat & 7.5% Fiber

Formula 1400 Horse Pellet
Higher protein complete feed for the moderately worked horse. Contains a high level of alfalfa meal and may be fed to most all types of horses.
14% Protein, 2.5% Fat & 16% Fiber

Performance 1100 Horse Pellet
Low protein, high fat performance horse pellet for the hard worked, regularly ridden or show horse that needs an extra boost.
11% Protein, 6% Fat & 8% Fiber

Performance 1400 Horse Pellet
For the highly competitive, hard ridden horse that needs extra protein and fat for performance and muscle rebuild.
14% Protein, 5.5% Fat & 8.5% Fiber

Low Starch Horse Pellet
Our low starch pellet is a moderate protein high fat pellet containing highly fermentable fiber with low sugar and carbohydrates (under 15% residual sugar, the standard for a low carbohydrate feed).
13% Protein, 6% Fat & Max 20% Fiber

Hay Saver
Alfalfa, Timothy based high fiber hay supplement. Hay Saver is a small pellet, which is very palatable and also great for the senior horse. A great feed for goats too.
12% Protein, 2.5% Fat & 19% Fiber

Sweet 1400 Sweet Grain
A higher protein sweet feed for the active horse in all stages of life when fed with good quality hays and pasture that enjoys the palatability of a beet pulp based diet.
14% Protein, 3.25% Fat & 11% Fiber

Supreme 1100 Sweet Grain
Low protein, very high fat for the hard keeper that needs extra fat for weight or hard work.
11% Protein, 10% Fat & 8% Fiber

Senior Track Mix
Beet pulp based moderate protein, high fiber senior grain with added yeast culture and aid in digestion. This feed is not just for senior horses
and is ideal for putting on weight.
13% Protein, 7% Fat & 12% Fiber

Crimped Oats
A heavy oat that has been run through a crimping machine to improve digestibility. It is a good alternative to unprocessed whole oats for older horses with tooth issues or extremely young horses with under-developed teeth.

Crimped Oats w/Molasses
Lowers the Crude Protein, Fat and Fiber and improves palatability. High in potassium and is highly digestible.

Wheat Bran
This coarse outer layer of the wheat kernel is a by-product of flour manufacture, 12-15% crude protein and a good source of digestible fiber with laxative effects. Some horsemen periodically feed a bran mash either cold or warm to horses. Beet Pulp Shreds w/ or w/out Molasses A lower protein, high energy feed with a high level of digestible fiber for beef, dairy, sheep & horses. Add to diet slowly, as it is a laxative, especially at levels above 5lbs/animal/day.

Beet Pulp Shreds w/Molasses
Beet pulp shreds are fibrous flakes from sugar beets after the sugar extraction process.  It is dried to reduce the water content.  Sugar beet pulp fiber is low-cost, highly digestible, and an extremely palatable feed in a form that is considered less dusty than hay.  Molasses is added to shreds to make it sweeter and more desirable to finicky, active, or older horses.  It helps them keep their weight at an optimum level.

Horse Bedding

We stock kiln dried and heat treated Hancock Shavings. A by-product of Eastern White Pine, these shavings are softer and cleaner than competitors. The shavings are available in 3.4 cubic foot paper bags.


Horse Bedding Pellets – Made from tree resin such as black spruce and jack pines, the Granules LG is 100% natural with a high absorption capacity and an efficient odor control.


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