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Farm & Pet Supplies

Lawn & Garden

Animal Feed

With over 90 years of experience manufacturing livestock, equine, poultry, and swine feeds, Ventura Grain has the expertise and integrity to ensure a consistent, fresh, and quality ration every time.

Our ingredients are purchased from a select group of approved suppliers to ensure the quality of our feeds.  We receive raw ingredients into our feed mill via rail and truck daily and test for quality.  If they do not meet our high standards, the delivery is rejected. 

 All of our bagged feeds can be purchased in our retail store.  Located in front of the feed mill, our retail store carries a great selection of supplies for the farm, barn, stable, & home.

Holiday Giving

We’re stocked with great holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

Home Heating

Super Premium Wood Burning Pellets are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly!

We carry Cleanfire Pacific Blend, Cleanfire Hardwood and Granules LG in single 40lb bags or by the pallet.