Formula 1100 Horse Pellet        

Is designed to meet the needs of active mature pleasure horses for regular riding, the easy keeper horse and miniature horses.  

Performance 1400 Horse Pellet

For the highly competitive,  hard ridden horse that needs extra protein and fat for performance and muscle rebuild

Sweet 1200 Sweet Grain

Lower protein high fat sweet feed for the harder keeper horse that enjoys the palatability of a sweet oat diet.  

From Barbara Bowden, Raynham MA 02/14/2017

I have tried ( my horse) your low starch grain. Another big hit! You did good. My mare who is coming out of Laminitis is loving it. I was told to switch her to a low starch grain. so I tried Triple Crown --well yours is far better. I actually threw out the rest of the Triple Crown and my mare is happy . She goes right to her grain now,as before she just ate it because she had to.  A Blue Ribbon to you!

Formula 1400 Horse Pellet

Higher protein complete feed for the moderately worked horse

Hay Saver

Alfalfa, Timothy based high fiber hay supplement.  If you feel your hay is off nutritionally, or your horse has a problem digesting their hay this is the product for them.  Hay Stretcher is a small pellet, which is very palatable and also great for the senior horse.  

Whether you have a pet, pleasure, competition, or show horse, our equine feed department has you covered.  The integrity of our formulas is  NEVER compromised due to the price of ingredients.  Our feeds are made on site at our manufacturing facility in Taunton, MA, off routes 24 and 44.   When you purchase 20 bags or more of Ventura Manufactured Feed, which can be mixed and matched,  you receive a pick up cash discount of .70 cents off per bag.   

Please click on  the feeds below  for an ingredient list and feeding instructions.  

Track Mix

Beet pulp based moderate protein, high fat, high fiber senior grain with added yeast culture and aid in digestion.  This feed is not just for senior horses.  Because of the high fiber, high fat combination this feed is ideal for putting on weight.  

Low Starch Horse Pellet

Our low starch pellet is a moderate protein high fat pellet containing highly fermentable fiber with low sugar and carbohydrates (under 15% residual sugar, the standard for a low carbohydrate feed).  

Supreme 1100 Sweet Grain

Low protein, very high fat for the hard keeper that needs extra fat for weight or hard work.  

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Sweet 1400 Sweet Grain

High protein, high fat sweet feed for the harder keeper horse that enjoys the palatability  of a beet pulp based diet. 

Performance 1100  Horse Pellet

Low protein, high fat performance horse pellet.  For the harder worked, regularly ridden or shown horse that needs that extra boost.