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Complete Layer Pellet/Mash

Once your chickens lay their first egg (16 -20 weeks), they are weaned them Chick Grower feed onto a full time diet of 16 % Layer Pellet or Mash.  This diet is fortified with Oyster Shells, Trace Minerals and Magnesium providing  a hard egg shell. Our layer ration is also enhanced with l-lysine and dl-methionine to give birds the nutrients they need to produce plenty of wholesome and delicious eggs and promotes gorgeous feathering.  Your flock will also be provided with Vitamin E and anti-oxidants for a healthy immune system.  

Chicken Starter Medicated

Chicks need a wholesome diet filled with protein, l-lysine and dl-methionine for proper development.  This ration also contains Amprolium for the prevention of Coccidiosis.  This is not an antibiotic, but rather a Coccidiostat that PREVENTS Cocci bacteria.  Ventura Grain recommends feeding this grain to layer birds for 1-8 weeks, and for meat birds for about 10-12 days.   This feed is a mash consistency. 

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Waterers & Feeders

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Electrolytes & Probiotics

Our premium chicken, game bird, duck, and turkey rations have all the necessary organic chelated minerals and amino acids for optimal chicken health.  Our feeds come in a mash, crumble and pellet form for easy palatability.   We have a great poultry supply section in our store; from feeders, waterers, incubators, meal worms, treats, supplements, and chicken coops you will find everything you need to raise happy and health poultry!

Turkey Starter Medicated Crumble

 This 28% crumble ration contains Monensin which acts as a coccidiostat.  It preventions coccidiosis in young turkeys.  Ventura Grain recommends this ration as the sole feed source for growing and meat turkeys.  

Game Bird Crumble/Pellet

20% Protein ration for pheasants, quail, waterfowl, peacocks and poultry*  (*during times of stress or moult).  A fish meal based protein feed that is offered in a crumble and a pellet for optimum palatability.  

Chicken Grower/Finisher Non-Medicated

 For the second stage of a growing laying hen's diet, Chick Grower/Finisher provides the nutrition needed for the chicks growing stages.  It is easy to digest and consume in a crumble form.  It contains a balanced amino acid profile of dl-methionine, l-ysine and l-thiamine to support the dynamic turn-over and growth of structural (bones, ligaments, and muscles) and protective (skin and feathers) tissues in the bird.  This ration should be fed at week 8 until the first egg is laid and then a complete layer feed should be given to support optimal egg development.