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Turkey Starter Medicated Crumble- This 28% crumble ration contains Monensin which acts as a coccidiostat that preventions coccidiosis in young turkeys.  Ventura Grain recommends this ration as the sole feed source for growing and meat turkeys.  

Game Bird Crumble/Pellet- 20% Protein ration for pheasants, quail, waterfowl, peacocks and poultry*  (*during times of stress or moult).  A fish meal based protein feed that is offered in a crumble and a pellet for optimum palatability.  

Complete Layer Pellet/Mash-

Once your chickens lay their first egg (16 -20 weeks), you’ll want to wean them off Chick/Grower feed and into a full time diet of 16 % Layer Pellet or Mash.  This diet is fortified with Oyster Shells, Trace Minerals and Magnesium providing  a hard egg shell. Our layer ration is also enhanced with lysine and methionine to give birds the nutrients they need to produce plenty of wholesome and delicious eggs and promotes gorgeous feathering.  Your flock will also be provided with Vitamin E and anti-oxidants for a healthy immune system.  

Chicken Starter Medicated-  Chicks need a wholesome diet filled with protein, lysine and methionine for proper development.  This ration also contains Amprolium for the prevention of Coccidiosis.  This is not an antibiotic, but rather a Coccidiostat that PREVENTS Cocci bacteria.  Ventura Grain recommends feeding this grain to layer birds for 1-8 weeks, and for meat birds for about 10-12 days.   This feed is a mash consistency. 

Chicken Grower/Finisher Non-Medicated- For the second stage of a growing laying hen's diet, Chick Grower/Finisher provides the nutrition needed for the chicks growing stages.  It is easy to digest and consume in a crumble form.  It contains a balanced amino acid profile of Methionine, Lysine and Thiamine to support the dynamic turn-over and growth of structural (bones, ligaments, and muscles) and protective (skin and feathers) tissues in the bird.  This ration should be fed at week 8 until the first egg is layed and then a complete layer feed should be given to support optimal egg development. 

Our premium chicken, game bird, duck and turkey rations have all the necessary organic chelated minerals, amino acids for optimal chicken health.  Our feeds come in a mash, crumble and pellet form for easy palatability.   We have a great poultry supply section in our store from: feeders, waterers, incubators, meal worms, treats, supplements and chicken coops.