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When the late Arthur Ventura opened Ventura Grain in 1924 it was to make and sell feed to dairy and chicken farmers, as well as other regular folk who kept animals in their backyards either for food or labor. The original building at 148 Longmeadow Road was a two-stall garage. Over the years, however,  the building grew to include a 95-foot elevator and overhead bins.   Now in 2017 with family still behind the show and now some new ownership,  we still continue to manufacture and  sell our own brand of feed "Everyday"  to animal owners on a large and small scale.  

Feed Mill: 

Our feed mill, in Taunton Mass,  produces animal feed mixtures 6 days a week for chickens, meat birds, horses, game birds, rabbits, llamas, goats, cows, sheep, guinea pigs, emu and much more.  Raw ingredients are shipped into our production facility via rail road and truck.  The integrity of formulas are very important to us and are never compromised due to price cost or availability.   The feed mixtures are shipped to local farms via bulk trucks and blown into silos and also picked up at our retail store in 50lb bags.   

Retail Store: 

Our retail store not only carries the our Ventura "Everyfeed" products, but also products and feed for dogs and cats, wild birds, lawn and garden (fertillizer, mulch, grass seed), small animals, horses,  chickens and livestock, pigeon and caged bird feed and home heating products and ice melt.  

 Dog and Cat:  Food by Earthborn Holistic, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, ProPac, Sportsmix.  We also have tons of treats, toys, flea and tick products and an array of pet health supplies. 

 Wild Bird :  Custom bird seed mixes, four types of sunflower seed, a variety of suet cakes, tons of wild bird and hummingbird feeders

Lawn and Garden: Premium Bark Mulches, Professional and Organic Fertilizers, Veggie and Flower Seeds, Organic and Chemical Bug and Pest Control, Professional Grass Seed Mixes, Planting Loam, Organic soils and compost by Coast of Maine Soils.  

Caged Bird/ Pigeon Feed:  We carry an array of Super Breeder Caged Bird Mixes by the Baden Company along with their premium pigeon mixes.  

Home Heating Products:   You will find a fantastic Super Premium Selection of Soft Wood (LG), Soft Wood Blend (Cleanfire Pacific Blend), Hard Wood (Cleanfire Hard Wood) burning  pellets.  We offer these products by the bag and ton at discounted prices.  We also offer an early order delivery program.  Delivery's are made August-November.   The store offers four varieties of Anthracite Coal ; rice, pea, nut and stove by the 50lb bag and by the ton at a discounted rate.   Also available are compressed burning blocks called Envi-Blocks

Livestock/Equine:  Our shelves are filled with feed buckets, stall forks, stall matts, health products, treats, salt blocks, hay nets, wormers, feeders, waters, heat lamps, shavings, straw, first cut timothy hay, bedding pellets and much more! 

Footwear by the Muckboot Company and the Slogger footwear company:  Great fun styles for women, men and children for around the garden, horse, the mud and the muck and to walk the pets!  

Small animal:  To go along with our irrestiable manufactured rabbit and guinea pig pellets we have 100rds of toys, treats, water bowls, cages, hutches, hay and shavings to keep your furry pets happy and healthy.  

Baby Animals:  The retail store starting in March orders 25 different varieties of laying hens, bantams, domestic ducks, guinea hens, turkeys and fast growing white broilers.  We have a calendar that will be available for pick up in the retail store and on the web come February.