2018 Chick Schedules

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Price List and Instructions 2018

March 2018 Schedule

April 2018 Schedule

May 2018 Schedule


Early Spring Products 

10-10-10 25lbs...$8.49/50lbs...$14.99

16-26-10 50lbs...$25.99

19-19-19 50lbs...$19.49

23-12-18 50lbs...$18.29

Coast of Maine Organic Potting Soil 1 cubic ft...$6.99

Coast of Maine Organic Manure Soil 1 cubic ft...$5.99

Pellet Lime 50lbs...$5.25

Powdered Lime 50lbs...$3.50


"​Our company has been making feed for local farms and animals since 1924.  

Our feed mill and retail store  are conveniently located in Taunton Massaschusetts off routes 24 and 44."

*​​​​​​​​Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00am-5pm  /  Saturday 8am-3pm  

Chick Days 2016

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Seasonal Winter Products are still available! 

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Wood Pellets                               Pet Safe Ice Melt                            Heated Waterers           Compressed Burning Blocks, Kindling

Sack Race Ventura Grain Style 2016

 Wild Bird Seed 

Black Oil Sunflower 50lbs...$26.99
Black Oil Sunflower 25lbs...$17.99
Medium Chip Shell-less Sunflower 25lbs...$31.99
Premium Blend 60% Shelless, 40% in shell 25lbs...$23.99
Ventura Choice Mix 40lbs...$26.99
​Ventura Choice Mix 20lbs...$15.59
​Ventura Premium Mix 40lbs...$32.99
Ventura Premium Mix 20lbs...$19.99
Thistle Seed 10bs...$15.99/ 5lbs...$9.99
Suet cakes starting at 99 cents each

The store has over 100 different bird feeders in stock!  

* Laying chicks are available in the retail store starting Friday March 16th.  Check out our schedule for what is available on each shipment date!  

* Next arrival date for meat laying chicks: 4/5/18

Place your order today! 

* Meat turkeys chicks for Thanksgiving, must be pre-ordered., along with ducks and guinea hens.  Place your order today!