Wild Bird Seed 

Black Oil Sunflower 50lbs...$26.99

Black Oil Sunflower 25lbs...$17.99

Medium Chip Shell-less Sunflower 25lbs...$31.99

Premium Blend 60% Shelless, 40% in shell 25lbs...$23.99

Ventura Choice Mix 40lbs...$26.99

​Ventura Choice Mix 20lbs...$15.59

Ventura Choice Mix is one of our most popular wild bird mixes.   Customers are happy with the vast array of birds attracted to their feeders.  Choice is a combination of black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts, striped sunflower, cracked corn and white millet.

​Ventura Premium Mix 40lbs...$32.99

Ventura Premium Mix 20lbs...$19.99

Ventura Premium Mix is also a favorite of the wild birds in our area.  The combination of black oil sunflower, dried fruit, striped sunflower, peanuts, safflower and white millet keeps your feathered friends happy and healthy! 

Thistle Seed 10bs...$15.99/ 5lbs...$9.99

Suet cakes starting at 99 cents each

The store has over 100 different bird feeders in stock!  


Monday-Friday 8:00am-5pm

Saturday 8am-3pm  

Sundays Closed

Winter Rye is now available.  

56 lb bushel bags are $18.50, 10lbs $6.99, 5lbs $3.99. 

Also available for winter crop seeding; Winter Wheat, Buckwheat and Whole Oats


Wood Burning Pellets

*All pellets are super premium quality 



*Delivery is available on Saturdays for a competitive fee and is arranged by town 

*Pellets may be purchased in the retail store or over the phone


​148 Longmeadow Road

Taunton MA, 02780


Mulch/Loam/3/4" Blue Stone ​

Available for pick up or delivery 

Delivery is available to Taunton, East Taunton, Raynham, Berkley for a fee

All of our mulch choices are real bark

Pine Bark...$33.99/yd  Black Forest...$35.99/yd

 Real Red Cedar...$42.99/yd

100% Natural Hemlock...$44.99/Compost Loam Mix...$25.99/yd

3/4" Blue Stone...$33.99/yd

Contractor/Landscaper discounts are available with Business ID

 Lawn Care 2017


Fall is time for lawn re-seeding and repair!

The store has a variety of lawn seed mixtures to repair bare spots or thicken up your turf.  

Most mixes are available in 5, 10, 25 and 50lb bags.

Stop in and talk to one of our staff members about the

perfect seed for your lawn! 

Fall Lawn Products

25-0-5 Turf Green up with 5% Iron 15,000 sq ft...$25.30

32-0-5 Slow Release Fall Fertilizer 15,000 sq ft...$24.99

16-26-10 Starter Lawn Fertilizer 15,000 sq ft...$24.50

Sol-u-Cal Fast Acting Calcium Lime 10,000 sq ft...$16.99

Pellet Lime 50lbs...$4.99

Powdered Lime 50lbs...$3.40

Milorganite 36lbs...$12.99

Sack Race Ventura Grain Style 2016

Stall Matts

4' *6'

$39.99 each 

10 or more $36.99 each

Chick Days 2016

We have a large selection of small animal feed, treats and toys.   The store stocks dog and cat food by the Earthborn Holistic Company, ProPac, Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild. 


"Our company has been making feed for local farms and animals since 1924.   Our feed mill and retail store  are conveniently located in Taunton Massaschusetts off routes 24 and 44."

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All rights reserved.

Our supply of home heating products including; super premium wood pellets, anthracite coal, compressed burning blocks and kindling wood are available for pick up. 

We are now carrying Organic Layer Pellets by the

Kalmbach Company .  

40lb bags are $29.99.  


Black Oil Sunflower