We are your one stop
shop for fresh animal
feed, pet, wild bird, and
small animal supplies,
lawn and garden items
wood pellets and coal!
Cakes are on
special for
only 99 cents
148 Longmeadow Rd
Taunton, MA (508) 824-7292

Ventura Grain has been run by
Ventura family for over 90 years.

We are based on Integrity,
Pride, Accountability,

WE are here
for you and your animals!  

Compare our feed company
others and...

Check out the Ventura Grain
quality advantage.  With the
ups and downs of the grain
market over the past five
years, we have never
compromised one formula to
compete with price.   

Our quality ingredients
never include grain or plant
by-products, animal fats,
bone or blood meal, or

The actual Ventura boys
make the feed everyday in
our feed Ventura the feed
everyday in Massachusetts.   
Our mill makes every product
every week and sometimes
twice a week.  How can you
get any fresher than that?  

We are worth the drive!  
Many carriers ship pallets
throughout New England, the
Vineyard and New York as
well very economically.  

Give us a call and
experience what we can do
for you, your animals and
your wallet!  

Ventura Grain lost it's first
ever dog employee on
November 1st.  Comet
greeted everyone at the
store for 7 years with a
happy smile and a bark.  He
was loved by so many and
loved us all.  
Comet known also known
as Mr C.,  taught all of us
what unconditional love
really is.  

Play and run free my
friend.  We miss you dearly
everyday. We will all meet
again at the Rainbow

is now in stock
56lb bags...$18.50
volume pricing is available
Many people are struggling with
lawn issues due to the drought.  Stop
by the store today to discuss how we
can help you rejuvenate your lawn
and prep your lawn for the fall.

The store now stocks a
very efficient
calcitic lime
for the lawn called
Sol-U-Cal.  This product quickly
adjusts soil pH and adds calcium
which helps bring lawns back to life!
50lb bag
10,000 sq ft...$16.99

Grass Seed Mixtures and starter
are in stock to re-seed
drought areas.  Let us help you pick
the right mix for your yard today.

NEW products:
The store is now stocking
beekeeping supplies!  
Hive kits, honey jars, hive tools, hive
smoke, beekeeping brushes, gloves,
veils and much mroe!

Due to the lack of moisture, bugs
and vegetation wild birds are eating
bird seed at our feeders more than
ever.  The store has excellent mixes
to satisfy their appetites

Bird Seed Specials

50lb Black Oil

Ventura Choice Wild Bird Mix

Ventura Premium Wild Bird Mix

Shelless Sunflower Seed
Medium Chip

Suet Cakes starting at 99 cents each

The store still has mulch,
loam and stone in stock
for pick up only.

All of our mulches are premium bark and
none of the mulch is dyed wood chips.  Our
hemlock is 100%, our cedar is real cedar etc.
Pine Bark...$32.99/yd
Black Forrest...$34.99/yd
Red Cedar...$42.95/yd
1/2"Screen Planting Loam...$22.9/yd
3/4" Blue Stone...$33.99/yd
* All prices are picked up

Flea and tick products
are in stock to help your
pets and your home
combat these critters!

Seresto Flea and Tick 8 month
collars for dogs and cats

Frontline for dogs and cats
3 month supply
$47.99 and up

Advantix for dogs
4 month supply
$56.99 and up

Advantage for Cats
4 month supply

Flea and tick collars

Flea foggers, Carpet Sprays, Flea

Organic Diatamaceous Earth
Food and People Safe


Horse and livestock fly
sprays & Traps

Super 7
Mosquito Hault
Durvet Fly Rid
Manna Pro
Fly Trap Bags
& Much more.

Hay, shavings and straw
First Cut Timothy...$9.99 each
Large Straw Bales...$9.99 each
Shavings...$5.80 a bale
(Hancock 3.25 cubic feet)  
50lb bags of Black Oil Sunflower
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